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In our previous post Fiji Travel Information, we covered the essential information on travelling to Fiji. Now are you ready to start planning your holiday to paradise? In this post, we will share our top recommended resorts from our very own experiences.

Denarau Island

Denarau Island is almost a must-stop destination when travelling to Fiji. Many tourists choose to stay on Denarau Island for the entire trip. Others choose to have a pampering night stay at one of the 5-star luxury resorts at Denarau Island before island-hopping from Port Denarau Marina.

Hilton, Sofitel, The Westin, Sheraton, Radisson Blu and Wyndham are all next to each other along the west coast. Denarau Island is the place to go for a luxury getaway, where you can experience what Fiji has to offer without going far from the comfort of your own hotel room.

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In my opinion, Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa offers the best pools. We were attracted by the vibrant atmosphere and the pools at first, but soon enough found ourselves sipping a cocktail on one of the sun loungers.

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Jack of Fiji was the one-stop gift shop located next to The Westin. I’m usually not a shopper but I really enjoyed browsing through local souvenirs.

Each hotel at Denarau had its own bars and restaurants. Spend an evening just stroll along Sheraton, Westin and Radisson Blu. Not only do these hotels offer the most romantic ambience, you can also grab a drink from the bars and enjoy some live music.

Denarau has the best locations to watch a Fijian sunset. Many choose to have their weddings on Denarau Island, I’m not surprised why!

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The beaches along Denarau were great for water sports but cruise out of the main island for the best pristine beaches that you see on TV.

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Mamanuca Group

I remember our first stay at Mana Island Resort. Although rated 4-star, it certainly felt like a 5-star experience to us. Mana Island Resort had all the facilities you’d expect from a luxury island resort – pools, bars & restaurants, a games room and a tennis court. The staff here would go the extra mile to look after every guest at the resort. Mana Island Resort is our highly recommended hidden paradise getaway, great for families and couples.

My favourite part of the trip is actually the cruise to the island!

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The Yasawas Waya Island 

We stayed in a shared budget bungalow at Octopus Resort for a couple of nights, their rooms are unique. The first impression for me is the pristine crystal clear water, which makes you want to jump right in. Before we even got off the boat, a welcoming band was waiting on the beach already with delicious fruit punch. What a great start!

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Octopus offers one of the best diving and snorkelling sites with amazing visibility. You can get your PADI certificate there, join them and explore one of their 30+ dive sites. If you’re up for it, try swimming with the Manta Rays! The weather wasn’t on our side, unfortunately, but I would definitely go back again if we have the chance.

This resort offered the most activities on a small island like this. Guests were entertained in all weathers and seasons like crab races and movies under the stars. I seriously believe we didn’t stay long enough. Check out the website for a list of the activities offered at Octopus Resort.

Hot Tip

Island Hop if you hold a Bula Pass, but be sure to book accommodation first!


North of Fiji’s capital, is a small island hidden from the rest of the world. This has been the most ‘castaway’ stay in my years of travel so far. A week of nothing but island life at the beachfront self-contained Macdonald’s Cottage.

If this is your chosen type of holiday, bring books, games and snorkels! Travel with families or friends, the more the merrier or you’ll be carving ‘Wilson’ before you know it! Stock up on food and drinking water for your entire stay from Lautoka, then enjoy your 2hrs journey to Ellington Wharf, east of Rakiraki for the boat pick up. The cottage can accommodate large groups but with very basic amenities.

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For the first few days, it was very hard to adjust to this remote island life, a short hike over the hill to Hotel Safari Island Lodge became our go to place to see some life. But I have to say, by the end of the first week, we didn’t want to leave.

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Life on remote islands has a way of cleansing our souls. Without wifi, busy schedules and our modern lifestyles, it’s much easier to be happy and free! Perhaps this is the secret of the happiest people on Earth.

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Yanuca Island

A week in the 5-star Shangri-La Fijian Resort marked one of the best holidays I’ve ever had! We stayed inside the resort this entire trip to Fiji and not even one moment we were bored! The sheer size of the buffet breakfast made my head spin. On top of the beautiful food, we were surrounded by picturesque island views. I could sit here for a while!

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The Shangri-La Resort Fiji hosted a range of games and competitions where kids were entertained by the pool. Apart from the usual 5 star facilities, what impressed me the most, was the non-motor water sports that were provided for guests free. My favourite activity was taking the sailing boat for a spin! We learned the basics of sailing but it was easier said than done. We got stuck chasing our tails in circles a couple of times and had to be rescued by the staff. Yup. We better stick with the kayaks or SUPs!

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Guests at Shangri-La Resort Fiji can borrow snorkel sets if snorkelling is on the to-do list (and of course it is). Alternatively, join a snorkelling tour at a small cost. I somehow floated to the snorkelling reefs while paddleboarding. The tour guide kindly offered me a snorkel set and even brought me back to shore with the rest of the group. The staff here was very approachable and easy-going.

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Restaurants at Shangri-La Resort Fiji were top-notch. I had the best seafood risotto at the Golden Cowrie Restaurant and had a blast at the Black Marlin Bar. Thursday nights were seafood market nights. We indulged in mouth-watering seafood with a cocktail! Fire Dancing shows were on Friday nights. You can easily make bookings with the concierge who walked around telling guests what was on at the beach.

Stay at the Shangri-La Resort Fiji for a lazy, hassle-free holiday! You’ll come back home with glowing olive skin, promise!

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