It takes a little courage to go on a long road trip with a baby, but it’s one of the most rewarding ways to travel and explore the country. Before the fun begins, there is a lot to prepare for busy parents, like where to go and what to pack for road trips.

Lucky for you, we’ve been there, done that and now we’ll share our epic interactive packing list for road trips with kids where you can tick off as you go.

Please use this packing list as a reminder of what to pack for road trips with kids and don’t forget to save this page so you can come back later to complete your packing!

What to Pack for Road Trips with Kids Interactive Packing List Checklist Featured

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To-Do List Before the Road Trip

Before hitting the road, be sure to check off this to-do list to have an enjoyable road trip with the kids.

What to Pack for Road Trips with Kids

Our family packs light and try our best to be minimalists, so we only bring the necessities.

We will skip the obvious like bringing your wallet and passport if you’re road tripping overseas, and only share our list of what to pack for road trips with kids within the country.

Remember not to over do it, packing light is the key to stress-free road trips with kids.

  • Pack your bags without a packing list first.
  • Tick off the Road Trips with Kids Packing List to check if you’ve missed anything.
  • If you prefer a printable copy, scroll down for a free PDF download.
  • Don’t forget to bookmark or add this page to mobile home screen so you can come back later to continue packing. This list is saved via cookie for 3 whole days!

Packing List for Road Trips: Things to bring in the car

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Road Trips with Kids Packing List PDF Download

Family Road Trip Checklist Packing List Printable Download (Preview)
Family Road Trip Packing List Preview

Interactive Packing List for Every Vacation

If you need a packing list for things like travel essentials, baby bag, beach vacations, camping, clothing and toiletries, be sure to use The Ultimate Interactive Packing List we’ve compiled for families just like yours.

This packing list is interactive, meaning you can tick them off after you pack to make sure nothing is left behind!


Now that you’re packed…

Don’t forget to check out our top tips on road tripping with a toddler!


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