Don’t judge the island by its size, Port Vila is packed with attractions to keep visitors entertained. From pristine lagoons to the underwater post office. Port Vila constantly remind us just how beautiful our planet is. In this post, we compiled our best list of top things to do in Port Vila, Vanuatu!

Blue Lagoon

One of the most memorable attractions for us is the Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole, half an hour drive from town, surrounded by nature, the aqua colour of the water looks like it’s been photoshopped. There’s a swing rope for the fit and daring, go Tarzan and see if you can swing all the way to the middle! It was certainly a challenge for me, could barely hold on for seconds before dropping into the lagoon below, it was still fun though! Try to balance yourself on these branches below, and jump in when you get to the end!

Hot Tip

Always get someone to catch the rope after you jump in, although it can be fun trying to catch the rope, it’s quite a challenge.

Hideaway Island & Underwater Post Office

Hideaway Island was one of our first stops, nothing stood out at first, but I was determined to send my good old friend a postcard from the Underwater Post Office. Go through the little market stalls for a quick browse, and if you plan to walk across the coral beach, be careful, they’re very sharp!

There’s an entrance fee to get on the island, and you can hire snorkelling gears and purchase the postcards at an additional cost. It’s worth snorkelling there, especially around the post office, water is clear, and you can have a bit of fun dropping the postcards! Then head to the beach bar, get some food and drinks and tan on the beach chair provided! Heaven.

Hot Tip

Seems like my postcards addressed to America and China got lost somewhere in the pacific ocean, but my friend’s postcard to Australia and New Zealand arrived in a couple of weeks. It was still an amazing experience regardless.

Mele Cascade

About half an hour walk from Hideaway beach, is the famous Mele Cascade owned and run by locals. There’s a cafe and toilet facilities at the entrance, entrance fee applies. Take a bus there or book in a guided tour. Come prepared as you’ll go through a beautiful garden and hike 20 minutes up the hill, but with water this refreshing, you’ll want to jump in for a dip!

Hot Tip

It’s really slippery up there, kids can slide down the falls for some fun, and for the daring, keep your feet steady before tumbling in! What really impressed me, was the stunt the local pulled, he front flipped into the water after a sprint! Say What! On a surface that slippery, I would totally land on my face!

Port Vila Market

What can I say, you can find all local fruits and veg here! Some of the ladies here are very friendly, have a chat with them to get some insights on their culture!

Hot Tip

For only $1, try Tuluk – steamed dough filled with shredded pork wrapped in banana leaves. Yum.

The Beach Bar Fire Show

Every Friday night, The Beach Bar hosts a free fire dance show. It’s very popular on the island, and definitely ended our week with some thrill! It’s amazing how much hard work they’ve put into it, bookings are essential, and get your table number early, because it seems like the whole town is here on Friday nights!

Go for a stroll along the beach to catch an amazing sunset. The show sets on the beach, and they engage audiences to participate, which made it even more fun! Try their wood fired pizzas and enjoy the show!

Hot Tip

Organise your transfers early, it’s packed after the show, and all I wanted to do after a long day is to go back and sleep, but we ended up stressing about getting a taxi as they’re all full, luckily a bus picked us up.

The Summit

This wasn’t in our original itinerary, but we’re so glad we made a trip to the top! Take in the 270 degrees view of the entire Port Vila harbour, enjoy some lunch at their cafe. Jungle Zipline runs here, 80m above the ground, that’s a way to get some adrenaline going! Wander through Japanese Garden and visit their boutique sandalwood gift shop. If you’re lucky, pick up a few ripe papaya along the way!

Hot Tip

It’s a very windy road up, unless you’re out for an exercise, don’t attempt to walk up like we did. We were really lucky to run into a local, who happily gave us a lift in his van.

Iririki Island

If you’re not a guest at this resort, get a day pass here to enjoy all their facilities! There’s an entrance fee on arrival that can be redeemed for food & drinks once inside the resort. Briefly mentioned in my post Where to Stay, it’s a newly renovated resort with a casino of its own.

If you plan to try their spa, book early as they can be busy during peak times, and may require a wait of an hour or two. It’s well worth it though if you have the time, I’ve never seen a massage room with a view like this, it’s postcard worthy. The highlight for me is the Infinity Pool looking out the harbour, amazing panoramic view from the pool. Order some food and just relax! Chill at their bar after sunset, the lights are blinding!

Hot Tip

Stargaze on one of their beach chairs at night, the air is so clean you can see the milky way above on a clear day!

Honeymoon Beach

Out on a dirt road heading towards The Havannah, we discovered a rare hidden treasure. Honeymoon Beach, so untouched it’s unearthly, glittering in the middle of nowhere. The water is so clear you can see beautiful corals and fish without snorkels. It feels like swimming in silk here, and there’s even a little tree branch to hang your clothes! Hire a scooter and come here for a romantic getaway!

Hot Tip

Be careful coming back up, corals are sharp.

Tanna Coffee Factory

Last but not least, Tanna coffee is grown in the soils of Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island. Organic and unique, worth trying before leaving!

I’m sure there’s lots more to discover in Port Vila, share your story below!

Find out Where To Stay in Port Vila in my next post below.

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