Travel Master Toolkit

What you can find here.

We aim to make travelling with your family stress-free, so you can focus on making memories instead. In this master toolkit, you’ll find:

Our top travel tips, hacks and tricks from our own family travel experiences.
The ultimate interactive family packing list for light travels.
Our youtube travel tips playlist.
Accommodation booking sites.
Our favourite travel planning essentials.


Interactive Packing List for Every Vacation

Tick off this packing list after you pack so nothing is left behind!
This is the ultimate family packing list for light travels, which includes:

  • Travel essentials
  • Baby bag
  • Beach Vacations
  • Camping
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries

Surviving to Travelling. Life with kids, simplified.

Accommodation Booking Sites & Apps

Below is a list of hotel booking sites I personally use myself. You can find a range of family accommodation on these websites, from holiday parks to holiday homes, hotels to resorts.

*Some of these links are affiliate links. (full disclosure)
It doesn’t affect you in any way, but we may receive a small commission for bookings through our site.

Hot Tips

If you only travel occasionally, consider booking with the hotel directly. You might get a discount & better service.

However, if you’re a frequent traveller that stays at hotels often, we recommend sticking with one hotel booking site/app to reap the benefits of its loyalty program.

Hotel Booking Sites hotel booking
I use app to book hotels after browsing through hotel comparison sites. The loyalty program is my favourite and customer service has been excellent so far. hotel booking
Sometimes I find the best prices on, so I use Trip as an alternative hotel booking app.
Agoda hotel booking
Agoda also offers some of the best prices around, and its rewards system is simple to use and is one of my go-to hotel booking apps.
Booking hotel booking
Occasionally, the hotel I’d like to book is only available on This site has the most complete list of accommodations.

Hotel Comparison Sites

trivago hotel comparison
Trivago is the first hotel comparison site I’ve used and still love today.
How to use Trivago & tips
google hotels comparison
Google Hotels is the most convenient to use for me as I use Google maps to bookmark the places I want to go.
How to plan a trip in 30 minutes

Holiday Homes

Vrbo holiday home hotel booking
Vrbo is a holiday home booking site. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you may be more familiar with the name Homeaway, which is now acquired by Vrbo.

New Zealand travels: use
Australia travels: use
Airbnb holiday home hotel booking
I personally find Airbnb is getting more and more expensive with fees, so I don’t use it often anymore. However, Airbnb still remains one of the largest holiday home booking sites.

Travel Planning Essentials




Car Rental
Car Rental Comparison
Car & Motorhome Rental


Currency Exchange
Travel Insurance
International Sims

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