Kyra Goes to Fiji

Based on a real toddler’s travel experience, this educational children’s picture book shares a family’s travel adventure in 29 vibrant and colourful illustration pages, making it a great bedtime read for every family.

Description: Kyra travels to Fiji with Mummy Kida and Daddy Pau. She makes new friends and tries new food on the island. She wants to see the rainbow corals and fish, but she doesn’t like putting her head underwater. Can Kyra overcome her fears? And who will she meet along the way?

Premium Hardcover Book

Kyra Goes to Fiji Hardcover Children's Picture Book Front cover and back cover ebook
8″ Hardcover premium colour book

The hardcover book Kyra Goes To Fiji is 8″x8″ (20.3cm) in size and printed in quality premium colours with a matte finish cover.

Perfect for little hands and an ideal gift for families with toddlers and young children.

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Digital eBook Download

The digital version of the book Kyra Goes To Fiji is super lightweight and convenient to store on any device. Upon completion of the purchase, you will receive an email with a downloadable eBook file in .epub format.

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