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Patch Café Auckland’s Unique Café With Playground

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Patch Café is Auckland North Shore’s newest family-friendly café with a playground to bring the kids. Our family is always on the lookout for family-friendly eateries, so we are very excited to be invited by Patch Café to try out the new gastronomic menu.

Patch Café stands out on Sunnybrae Rd in Hillcrest as a converted light-filled warehouse. At a glance, this café has a blend of contemporary and vintage design inspired by the bright and cherry red strawberry field.

In this post, we will share our brunch experience here with our toddler and review Patch Café – one of the most family-friendly cafés on the block.


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First Impression

Patch Café, Hillcrest – Auckland

© Photos by Kida

It wasn’t hard to find Patch Café, we instantly noticed the charming little café almost transparent from ceiling to floor. It had a very simple yet super cute ‘Patch’ sign displayed in red at the front. It was apparent to us that this café was newly renovated with lots of love and a vision to be unique.

Aesthetics & Ambience

As we walked in, the first thing I had noticed was the clever design of skylights and windows, transforming the interior space into a daylit, airy industrial-style café.

Patch Café is wheelchair accessible and stroller-friendly. There’s a ramp that connects to the upper level, which made it very easy for us to get to the playground, validating the fact that it is a family café.

The split level layout separates the main seating area with a playground, thoughtfully catering for both families and groups that prefer a bit of peace and quiet.

Fabric pendant lamps drop down from the high ceilings giving it a calm and relaxed ambience. The entire café has an excellent vibe and feels very spacious and comfortable.

© Photos by Kida

Our toddler ecstatically pointed out the huge strawberry hot air balloons mural and the vintage strawberry girl on the wall. This distinctive theme is found throughout the café, including the bathroom. It is a unique combination of vintage and contemporary décors, with a touch of classic red.

© Photos by Kida

Staff & Service

On arrival: A friendly staff welcomed us in, followed us to the table of our choice, offered a menu and water straight away. It was quite busy at the time, and there was enough staff on shift to cover customers’ needs. One thing that did catch our attention was their vintage apron with a cute ‘Patch’ printed on top.

Specific requests: Our fussy toddler wanted an ‘upsized’ fluffy and something sweet with strawberry in it. Luckily, they had just the right hotcakes for her and kindly upgraded her fluffy to a ‘big girl’s size’.

As for me, I was 28 weeks pregnant, and I needed something low in sugar. The staff patiently went through a few items on the menu and happily catered to our needs. She specifically asked if I would like to have the poached eggs well-cooked, which was very thoughtful of her.

The hiccups: After we placed the order, our toddler couldn’t wait any longer to get to the playground. So we ended up changing to a table on the upper level with the assistance of a staff.

However, due to the move, the kitchen mixed up our order with another table. We only realised it was the wrong order after questioning where the eggs were on my eggs benedict. We felt terrible for enjoying someone else’s food.

The staff quickly rectified the problem and brought us the correct orders in a timely manner. The manager sincerely apologised several times during our meals and checked that we were happy with the food.

We really appreciated their understanding and how they turned around the mistake to customer’s satisfaction so efficiently.

Patch Café All Day Menu

© Photos by Kida


A quick look at the menu, we could tell there were Korean influences such as the Shakshuka eggs with kimchi and Koreana with Korean fried chicken.

My partner happily went for the ‘big brekkie – Full Patch Grill without hesitation. As for me, I went for my all-time favourite Ooey Gooey Benny with a twist of paprika hollandaise sauce. Our toddler indulged in a plateful of strawberry hotcakes with white chocolate icing and maple syrup.

I dared to try a spoonful of her hotcakes, and it was dangerously delicious! In all honesty, the Strawberry Lamington Hot Cake, which will be replaced by French Dream Toast on the new menu, had to be our family’s top recommended Patch Café Special.

© Photos by Kida

Patch Café has an all-day menu, so you can have breakfast, brunch or lunch at a time that suits you. There is a good selection of appetising pastries and cakes at the counter. Drink selections are diverse and include a range of Zelong organic tea.

© Photos by Kida


There is ample free parking both at the front and rear of the building. You can easily access from both sides, but only the front entrance is stroller-accessible.

It’s no surprise that one of the highlights of this café is the playground on the upper level. However, what impressed me the most, was their latest collection of children’s books on the shelf and the near-new toys.

Our toddler spotted some of the newly stocked books from our local mall and gleefully played with her imaginary friend while we enjoyed our food.

© Photos by Kida

My partner loves reading newspapers while enjoying his breakfast. He says it’s his ‘zen time’.

Patch Café provided the perfect environment for him. I had a look around, and it seemed like men and newspapers were a good combination! So having the latest newspapers available is definitely a plus to keep them big boys happy.

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