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It seemed like yesterday that I gave birth to Kyra, I couldn’t believe she was turning 1 already! Are they growing too fast or am I getting old too fast? I’m sure all mums feel this way at some point.

We thought about the ways to celebrate her special 1 year birthday for months. It was either throwing her a traditional birthday party or going somewhere for the weekend as a birthday trip.

Our discussion was mainly around what Kyra would really want for her special day. We had come to the conclusion that since she still had separation anxiety, she probably wouldn’t enjoy being surrounded by a group of people. So we had decided to shower her with love and attention from the two people that loved her the most in this world.

We booked ourselves a campground at Pakiri Beach Holiday Park and had the most intimate, relaxing birthday trip with our baby girl. Pakiri Beach Holiday Park is usually quite busy and gets booked out quickly. It’s the only accommodation that sits near the water, so be sure to book in advance if you’re interested in staying here.

The next morning, we went to explore Matakana Farmer’s Market, where locals gather on Saturdays and showcase their best produce to residents and tourists.

We spent the rest of the day lying on the silky smooth white sand of Omaha beach. I left my camera and phone behind because I realised I had been filming more than I intended to. As promised, we spent quality time at Omaha beach and as for the memories made there, we’ll just keep them to ourselves.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. We shall see you all next week. In the meantime…

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