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How to use this packing list efficiently

➙ Pack without using the list first. You can pack a lot quicker this way.

➙ Once you have packed, sit down, tick off this packing list and see what you have missed.

➙ Set a reminder on your phone for last-minute items, such as your phone, toothbrush and water bottle.

➙ Do a last check before you lock up, such as emptying the fridge and taking out the rubbish.

Let’s Get Started!

Packing List Essentials

Travelling Overseas



Baby Bag

Beach Vacations

Winter Vacations

Road Trips: To Do

Road Trips: To Bring

Camping: Essentials

Camping: Kitchenware

Camping: Food & Drinks

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Phew, that was a long list to get through and we’ve only just covered the essentials.
So, did you find this packing list useful? Got anything to add?
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