One thing I’ve learned about planning a trip, is the best trips never go as planned.


In this post, we’ll review one of our newly discovered oyster farms in Sydney South – Drake’s Endeavour Oysters, just 40 minutes drive from Sydney CBD.

See, we anticipated a beautiful sunny day to take our family on an epic day trip down the Sydney South coast. On the itinerary, we planned to beach hop, and try our luck whale watching at Cape Solander Kurnell.

Unfortunately, the weather turned south too, and we ended up catching only a glimpse of splashes from the whales far in the distance in the rain. Our fussy baby whined and cried throughout the whole time and everyone was getting grumpy.

Trying to keep an open mind and a positive attitude, we discovered Drake’s Endeavour Oyster Farm from a humble sign on the side of the road. Being a mega seafood fan, this was one stop that I could not miss. To our surprise, the trip to the oyster farm turned out to be the highlight of our day despite the weather.

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Drake’s Endeavour Oyster Farm

Address: LOT 2 Captain Cook Dr, Woolooware NSW 2230, Australia (Google Map)

We were greeted by the friendly blokes as we entered the gate of Drake’s Endeavour Oyster Farm. Our first impression was more of a surprise. We were expecting an oyster retail shop, but instead, we were pleasantly surprised that we had discovered a local authentic oyster farm.

Aaron, if I remembered correctly, led us to the ‘shop’ front, pulled out trays of oysters and prawns and welcomed us in. He promised the oysters were freshly shucked, so fresh that they would just slip out of the shell and right into our mouth. He was absolutely right.

What got me excited the most was the price tag of the seafood at Drake’s Endeavour Oyster Farm. The oysters and prawns were selling for almost a third of the price of what some of the retailers were selling for in the city. What a treat!

Oyster Farm Shucking Fresh Oysters Sydney
Freshly Shucked

© Photos by Kida

We bought a dozen of Sydney Rock Oysters to try at first, it was so fresh that condiments would’ve ruined its natural flavour. We followed Aaron’s tips, held the oyster at its hinge and slurped it down. The natural salt of the seawater combined with the juicy meat of the oysters was heavenly satisfying.

We couldn’t resist but to add another dozen of oysters plus a tray of prawns to go with it! I couldn’t recommend any better place to get fresh seafood this close to the city!

© Photos by Kida

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Oyster Farm Tour

After our feast, Aaron guided us to the back of the farm for a behind-the-scenes tour of oyster farming. Across the wooden bridge, sitting on the water was a little shed, where our seafood had come from. Looking out from the deck, there were countless sticks in the water where millions of oysters were grown.

© Photos by Kida

At the time of our visit, they were testing to grow a breed of pacific oysters. The pacific oysters are larger in size but harder to grow and they have white meat, as opposed to the yellowish meat from Sydney rock oysters.

Aaron was very informative. He educated us on how to sort and harvest oysters with the machines. We learned about the journey of how baby oysters of 1mm grow to become an edible adult size in about 2 years. 2 years! Let that sink in. I never knew it took this long for an oyster to grow to the size we were all familiar with.

Oyster Sorting Machine with water background
Oyster Sorting

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Our Takeaway

Now that we have the knowledge of where our favourite oysters come from and the hard work these farmers put in each day, we’ll never eat oysters the same way again and appreciate our modern life so much more.

So if you’re looking for the freshest oysters and authentic oyster farm experience in Sydney, satisfy your taste buds here at Drake’s Endeavour Oyster Farm. Don’t forget this oyster farm sits along the coastline, so make a day trip out of it by visiting the beaches and enjoy the panoramic view at Cape Solander Lookout.

© Photos by Kida

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  1. Thank you for your post on the Endeavour Oyster Farm, but I couldn’t find anything in the post that says where it is. Could you tell me the address please? Thank you.

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