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We are often overloaded with information when it comes to getting the best travel deals.

In this post, we will keep it as simple as it can for travellers to New Zealand, sharing our favourite New Zealand local travel deal sites on booking tours and activities.

We will also share some of the local rideshare apps if you’re thinking of using a local ride share service other than Uber! The drivers are usually the same across these apps, but prices and promos may vary!

New Zealand Best Local Travel Deal Sites Featured

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Bookme is by far our favourite site when it comes to getting the best deals on things to do in New Zealand. Bookme is usually our first go-to website to get inspiration for the top activities and tours in the region.

Bookme is best suited for flexible travellers, where they can travel on the dates and time slots of the best deals. The best prices are usually found on a weekday, at a certain time slot. Same-day discount deals are generally not available.

Customer service is excellent. They’re very lenient and understand that plans change. As long as you update or cancel your booking with a reasonable grace period, they will happily assist you in a hassle-free manner.

If you’re travelling with infants or toddlers, most tours and activities are free for kids under a certain age. However, don’t forget to add them on when you make the booking!


Klook is an international travel deals site, it is one of the sites our family always checks before spending any money on tours and activities! They have such a huge selection of discounts on major attractions, Klook is our first go-to site for booking our travels!

Customer service is excellent at Klook, not only do they have fast and reachable contact numbers, but the staff are so pleasant to deal with. We ran into issues with misleading information before, and they made it super easy for us and resolved it on the spot while we’re travelling. They then followed up with emails to update us on the status of the refund, which came back to our account before the promised date.

As you may have noticed, we love using Klook and have included Klook deals in many of our posts on this website. We genuinely believe they have one of the best customer service teams, and the biggest range of activity deals worldwide.

Groupon NZ

Groupon is a worldwide online shopping discount and deals site. It is used widely in NZ as well. We often browse under categories of Things To Do and Food & Drinks, where you can find many affordable tours and cruise options, and restaurant discounts.

Make sure you check the fine prints first for block out dates and T&Cs. We would recommend calling the business first to validate the offer and check for any restrictions before purchasing.

Groupon also offers excellent customer service. However, they are more strict on their cancellation policy, and will always try to credit you instead.


Grabone is an alternative to Groupon and a much more localized discount site. Some of the deals on here can also be found on Bookme, where they always beat the prices by a few dollars on specific dates.

Nevertheless, this is still our most used comparison travel deals site, to find things to do and restaurant deals in New Zealand.

From our past experience with their customer team, we’ve always had a positive outcome.


Treatme is another local alternative to Groupon and Grabone for travel deals. Check them out and see if you can find anything that interests you.

Ride Share Apps

You’re probably familiar with Uber, it’s also the most popular rideshare app here in New Zealand. However, they also use Ola, Zoomy and Didi here.

Both Ola and Zoomy offer promotional credits for new users, google around for their current offer deals. Alternatively, click on the banners above to get NZ$10 off your first ride!

From our experience with both apps, there aren’t as many Ola & Zoomy drivers on the road. But many Uber drivers here also accept Ola and/or Zoomy jobs.

Although these apps advertise to be cheaper than Uber, without coupons, we found the prices are comparable. Despite some negative reviews on Ola and Zoomy, we’ve never had an issue.

That’s all we use for finding the best deals on things to do in New Zealand! I’m sure there are many many other options out there, but our family has never found a better deal of the same offer elsewhere, yet.

Hot Tip

Don’t make travel planning stressful by bargain hunting down to the dollar. Most often in life, a few cents of saving is not worth the time and energy. And don’t forget, you get what you pay for a lot of the time in life, so don’t ruin your holiday when a dirt-cheap deal doesn’t quite match up to its promises.

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