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What was the Kumeu Show like in New Zealand? | 2021 Easter

by Kida
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The Kumeu Show 2021 Auckland

With great disappointment, Auckland Royal Easter Show had to be cancelled this year due to Covid. Bummer, there goes another major event cancelled during this unprecedented time. Luckily for us Kiwis, we love holidays too much to let Easter pass without a celebration. The Kumeu Show this year is bigger and better! As one of the biggest events in New Zealand, The Kumeu Show has been running since the 1920s!

There are over 500 stalls, food trucks, carnival rides, machinery demonstration, wood chopping and sheep shearing competitions. And of course, our family’s favourite – animal barns! It’s a big day out with kids that’s sure to be remembered.

In this post, we’ll share our experiences here at The Kumeu Show through photos and videos. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter wherever you may be in the world.


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Without the Kumeu Show, Kumeu is a rural town known for its vast area of lands and rolling green hills. Hence why Kumeu has never really been on our radar as a place to take the kids. The Kumeu Show has given us a reason to visit, and we had such a great day with lots of memories to treasure!

The Kumeu Show

Address: Kumeu Showground (Google map)
Date: 27 March 2021
Tickets: $15 per adult, under 5s are free
Parking: Free

The Kumeu Show 2021 New Zealand

© Photos by Kida

This Saturday must’ve been Kumeu’s busiest day of the year! It literally took us the whole day to get through not even half of the entertainments.

We arrived around 11am and thought we were early. As we drove past the main entrance, there was an earlybird sign with a big bold message – Free Rides between 10am-11am. Oh what a shame, we didn’t know about that!

Our 1-year-old Joah fell asleep in the car on the way here. So I stayed behind with him while my partner took 4-year-old Kyra in to check out the Kumeu Show.

I had already purchased tickets for the whole family online, but my Martian hubby missed that little finer detail and paid for another ticket at the entrance. Did we get the money back? Yes we did at the end of the day.

Near lunchtime, Joah woke up and was ready to party! I Googled for a nearby cafe or restaurant, but nothing. We had little choice but to eventually wait in line at multiple food trucks at the Kumeu Show.

Food Trucks & Market Stalls

As we walked in, there were food trucks everywhere with long queues attached. Doughnuts, chips, hot dogs and Danish ice-creams, all our favourites were there.

© Photos by Kida

Before we got to the amusement rides, we came by endless rows of market stalls. My goodness, if we were to go through the market stalls one by one, we would’ve been here all day long. As I was getting hungry, we quickly walked through the pathways, fascinated by the authenticity and creativity of some of the stalls. There was such a large variety of things for sale, very much like a Sunday artisans market, doubled and tripled in size.

© Photos by Kida

Further in, there were more food trucks showcasing cultural diversity. And after waiting in line for about 40 minutes, we sat down on a patch of grass nearby and enjoyed our lunch. I couldn’t say the food was worth what we had paid for. We also paid $10 for a disguised can of soft drink, purely because Kyra saw other kids drinking sodas out of a fancy tall skinny unicorn cup.

© Photos by Kida

Machinery Demonstrations

Baby Joah was so intrigued by the giant funny-looking machineries that were on display at the Kumeu Show.

Baby Joah loved big machines!

© Photos by Kida

There was a fire brigade live demonstration, tractor rides and many agriculture machinery that I couldn’t even put a name on. Nonetheless, the most important thing was the kids had so much fun sitting on them, going on rides and taking photos on the machineries.

© Photos by Kida

Shows and Competitions

One of the most popular competitions at the Kumeu Show was the wood chopping competition. To be honest, we were drawn to the show mainly because it was making so much noise. Apart from that, the location of wood chopping competition was close to the food trucks at the entrance. Plus there were hay bale seats to rest on. What better way to enjoy a dessert than watching men climbing up high and sawing through logs.

Wood Chopping Competition at The Kumeu Show Easter Auckland
Wood Chopping Competition

© Photos by Kida

The other show our family enjoyed watching was the sheep shearing competition. It was great seeing the kids learning so much about our country and culture. They were fascinated about the production of wool and how they became the blankets we wear at night.

Amusement Rides

Like a big carnival fair, the Kumeu Show was not short of thrills. Jumping Castles, Giant Slides, Tea Cup, Carousel, Haunted Ship and Turbo Boost just to name a few. For the little ones, there were sideshows and games to keep the whole family busy.

© Photos by Kida

Scheduled Programs

We were so busy looking around we missed many programs on the list. However, there was one announcement that caught my attention, and that was the giant pumpkin auction. Out of curiosity, we found the giant pumpkins. To my astonishment, they were real giant pumpkins!

© Photos by Kida

In the afternoon, we caught a couple of Chinese performances including a dragon dance and a marching band.

Chinese Dragon Dance

© Photos by Kida

Indoor Exhibits

Across on the other side of the pumpkin patch were a row of indoor exhibits. There was a movie set exhibit that looked really interesting.

Unfortunately, we were running out of time due to kids’ nap times. I couldn’t leave the Kumeu Show without having a look at the animals, so dragging the family to the last program on our list, we went to check out the animal barn.

Farm Animals

Aw the adorable birds and chickens, geese and ducks. Kyra had a go at petting a cute duckling and Joah went up close to touch an alpaca! The most special animals that stole our heart away were piggies, fighting over a watermelon. My partner said they resembled me eating watermelons, I took it as a compliment.

© Photos by Kida

On the way home, I asked Kyra, “Did you enjoy the Easter Kumeu Show?” She pouted her lips, “No, because it wasn’t long enough.” “From 11am to 4pm not long enough? Oh dear.” Meanwhile, Joah fell fast asleep in the car. What a day!

The Kumeu Show Family Day Out

© Photos by Kida

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