Where in the World?

How would you live your life if there was no currency, no jobs and no limitations?

That’s the life you should be living.


Down Under

Family Travel Destination New Zealand

New Zealand

As a New Zealand local for over 15 years, we’ve travelled extensively on one of the most beautiful corners of the world. You can find insights on life in New Zealand here.

Family Travel Destination Australia


Sydney has been our home for more than 10 years. Our Australian dream lifestyle has been going on epic road trip adventures with our kids along the East Coast.

Explore Our Pacific Islands

Pristine turquoise waters, the most friendly people on Earth and all-year tropical weather. Join us as we switch to island time and take you to the Pacific Paradise.

Cook Islands | Fiji | Vanuatu | Samoa


Play, stay, eat and explore cultural-rich Asia with our family as we travel to some of the most diverse and affordable destinations.

Last but not least,

North America has left us in awe.

Handing Over The Key

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→ Manage your family like a CFO (Chief Family Officer).
→ Be our family friends and meet other like-minded families.


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