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It’s hard to choose the best accommodation in Apia Samoa when there are so many hotels and resorts with warm-hearted staff who love kids and welcome you like family. In this post, we’ll share the 4 resorts and hotels that we have stayed at in Apia with my 8 months old baby, including the luxury 5-star resorts and budget-friendly hotels scattered across the island.

We explored the island of Apia in an anti-clockwise circle from the east to the west. Hence why we stayed at 3 different accommodation in Apia and chilled at another 5-star resort on a day pass.

Honestly, no matter which hotels or resorts you choose, you’ll experience friendly island hospitality and yummy tropical breakfasts. Many accommodation in Apia sits on the water edge and have its own pools. And if you’re not travelling with a baby and feeling a little adventurous, try staying at one of the open Fales for a true Samoan experience.


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Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort

Let’s start with a luxury resort in Apia – Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort. Sheraton Samoa was a highlight of our trip and our top recommended family-friendly accommodation in Apia. We didn’t expect the stay at Sheraton to be such an amazing experience and were bummed that we only booked this resort for one night.

After a long week around Apia with my baby, we finally came to the end of our trip. We arrived early at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort for check-in. Our rooms weren’t quite ready yet, so we stored our luggage and headed straight to the resort pool.

Like many luxury resorts on the Pacific Islands, the resort pool at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort was right by the ocean. And boy, the colours of the ocean here took our breaths away dazzling with crystal clear turquoise blue. There was hardly any other guests here at the time, so we had this amazing tranquil water all to ourselves. Private beach in paradise, yes please!

Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort
Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort

© Photos by Kida

While we waited for our rooms, we borrowed some towels and chilled on the sun loungers with our mocktails. We ordered scrumptious delicacies from the pool bar without even getting out of the water. None of us minded the wait as we were indulging in this tropical paradise mesmerized by the unreal postcardesque view of the beach.

It wasn’t long before we checked into our air-conditioned room at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort. Walking into a cooled room in this tropical weather with a courtyard opened out to the ocean was such a luxury we could get used to. My baby and I had the most relaxing bath together.

The rooms at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort were divided into 3 blocks. The furthermost block required a good walk to the main entertainment area, but it was a rather enjoyable walk on the grass along the beach.

Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort Rooms
Our room at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort

© Photos by Kida

The resort restaurant was beautifully decorated, and the food was of high quality with the freshest ingredients. We were all dressed in our most summery dresses watching the gorgeous Samoan sunset with live music playing in the background.

© Photos by Kida

Non-motorised water activities like kayaking and stand up paddleboarding were complimentary at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort. We were very tempted to change our return flight back to Auckland, so we could enjoy the facilities here such as Polynesian Spa, Umu Demonstration and the Kid’s Club.

A true paradise on the Pacific.

© Photos by Kida

Although our stay was short, Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort really convinced us right from the start that this was the best resort in Apia Samoa to treat your family.

If we could, we would really love to extend our stay at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort for another week, or forever!

Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort Wedding Aisle with Palm Tree
Wedding, anyone?

© Photos by Kida

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Taumeasina Island Resort

Taumeasina Island Resort was an unexpected luxury escape. We considered ourselves lucky as one of the resorts we were staying at was undergoing maintenance of its pools at the time. To compensate its guests, the staff offered us a day pass to use the pools at Taumeasina Island Resort.

Taumeasina Island Resort pools

© Photos by Kida

The pools at Taumeasina Island Resort caught our attentions as soon as we walked in. With both adults and kids pools by the beach, my baby had no shame sun tanning on the lounge chair with nothing but a nappy on.

Baby Sun Tanning on Beach Lounge Infinity Pool at Taumeasina Island Resort Apia Samoa
Taumeasina Island Resort

© Photos by Kida

The private sheltered beach was a gem for snorkelling lovers. And like most 5-star accommodation in Apia, non-motorised water sports were free of charge for resort guests.

Baby with swimming ring in infinity pool at Taumeasina-Island-Resort-Infinity-Pool-Apia-Samoa
That lucky baby.

© Photos by Kida

Taumeasina Island Resort was a surprise luxury retreat that turned out to be one of the most enjoyable days on our trip to Samoa. We would love to come back one day and stay at Taumeasina Island Resort for a pampering experience of a lifetime.

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Tanoa Tusitala Hotel Samoa

Located in the heart of the town centre, Tanoa Tusitala resort was the first resort in Apia we checked into. This resort offered each room 1Gb of data complimentary, which was a luxury in Apia at the time.

Tanoa Tusitala Hotel Apia Samoa
Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Apia Samoa

© Photos by Kida

Our room at Tanoa Tusitala was super spacious and had two double beds. Kyra had her first dip in the water on the island at Tanoa Tusitala Hotel. For a centrally located accommodation in Apia with a great price, we would recommend Tanoa Tusitala Hotel.

Tanoa Tusitala Hotel Apia Samoa Twin Double Bed Room
Our Twin Room at Tanoa Tusitala Hotel

© Photos by Kida

There was a good selection of hot buffet breakfast at Tanoa Tusitala, and omelets were made on request. The staff here loved kids and gave lots of attention to my baby, which made her very happy.

Tanoa Tusitala Hotel Apia Samoa Buffet Breakfast Restaurant
Full buffet breakfast at Tanoa Tusitala Hotel

© Photos by Kida

The FiaFia Show at Tanoa Tusitala was on every Wednesday, but unfortunately, we didn’t do our homework at the time of booking this holiday, and didn’t line up our stay with the events. Nonetheless, we enjoyed relaxing by the pool bar in the evenings during our stay.

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Saletoga Sands Resort

The first impression we had of Saletoga Sands Resort was the beautiful palm tree that stretched out to the ocean during sunset. If we had booked beachfront bungalows, we would’ve had stunning view of the tropical island.

Sunset at Saletoga Sands Resort

© Photos by Kida

Our basic room was located in a two-storey building at the back of Saletoga Sands Resort. After a stroll around the resort, we discovered this resort had two blocks on either side of the main restaurant and pool area. The rooms and entertainment seemed to be scattered and far apart from one another at Saletoga Sands Resort. I couldn’t help but feeling a little underprivileged for booking a basic room.

Saletoga Sands Resort Double Room
Our room at Saletoga Sands

© Photos by Kida

In saying that, Saletoga Sands Resort had all the potential for a luxury stay. We had a good selection of pastries and continental breakfast at the main restaurant. A la carte lunch and dinner was also served at the same restaurant with live traditional Samoan music. The buffet restaurant and bar hosted themed nights for guests who preferred buffet-style dining.

Happy Baby with flower sitting on chair at Saletoga Sands Resort Restaurant Bar with Turquoise Crystal Clear water

© Photos by Kida

It was quite difficult for me to get around Saletoga Sands Resort with a stroller as there were steps at multiple locations. However, if we had booked a beachfront bungalow or requested early for a bungalow on the block that was closer to the main entertainment area, we would’ve had a completely different experience.

Baby at boardwalk along beach Saletoga Sands Resort
Saletoga Sands Resort

© Photos by Kida

In my honest opinion, Saletoga Sands Resort wasn’t the most baby-friendly accommodation in Apia, but it was the most romantic resort on the island for couples.

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Wrapping up

There you have it, a firsthand review of some of the most popular and luxury accommodation in Apia Samoa.

My personal favourites were the 5-star resorts in Apia. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type that’s all about luxury. The reason why I would recommend booking 5-star accommodation in Apia is because of the value you can get out of your stay. For an extra $100 or so, you’ll stay at the best locations in Apia paired with the most stunning views of the ocean, palm trees and pacific sunsets. Let’s not forget about the full buffet breakfast that comes with the room package and instagrammable resort pools to die for.

But regardless of where you stay in Apia, the people of Samoa are so friendly and adorable, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your holiday in Samoa, wherever you choose to stay.

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Vrbo holiday home hotel booking
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New Zealand travels: use Bookabach.co.nz
Australia travels: use stayz.com.au
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