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by Kida
2022 October
Sardinia, Italy

Who We Are.

We’re a family of 4 with big dreams and itchy feet. We have 2 littlies-in-tow: one talks non-stop, and one move non-stop. (Girl vs boy, take your pick.)

Minimalism has been our greatest secret to living a stress-free life since kids. We learned to work a whole lot smarter, hustle a little harder and travel an island farther.

After living and travelling in and around New Zealand for 5 years (vlog here), we sold our business, our belongings and took our kids on a one-way ticket island-hopping around the world.

We’re living our dream life filled with sun, sand and simplicity. Now, we’re here to help you achieve the same lifestyle.

Our History

Kida.co was established as a personal travel journal in 2018, shortly after the birth of my first child.

I watched Kyra becoming more and more inquisitive about the world around her and as time passed by, I questioned the traditional role of a stay-at-home mum. I decided to give my baby the best start in life by broadening her mind through travels.

We rebranded to Kida.co in 2020 when baby Joah joined our little family and broadened our content to cover the fundamentals of sustaining a travel lifestyle with kids.

Millennial family travelling with 2 young kids baby New Zealand

Family Members.

Travel Family of 4 profile mom
Mummy Kida

Hey, I’m Kida.
A millennial free-spirit with a goal of reaching 30 countries by 30.

I wasn’t a very good student at school, failing English and skipping classes. To please my very-Asian parents, I graduated with a Bachelor of Music which was nothing more than a piece of paper in real life.

After graduation, I became a Jack-of-all-trades, lost with too many passions, or maybe none at all. But one thing I knew deep down, was I didn’t fit into the usual 9-5 corporate world.

I moved to Australia shortly after to escape family pressure. Like many young graduate migrants, I changed jobs every year and moved from place to place. One day, I found myself sitting at a bus stop, homeless with all my belongings in a suitcase and nowhere to go…

And that was the turning point of my life. I was fed up with room-sharing and being told to move out all the time, I put all my savings together and bought a studio apartment off-the-plan. While waiting for my home to be built, I backpacked around Europe on a working holiday visa, well the ‘working’ part didn’t work out, so I ended up having a long holiday instead heh.

After I returned to Sydney, an old friend of mine became a little more than friends. Before I could even settle into my new life, I fell pregnant while working in my newfound real estate career. So with a lot of time and not a lot to do, I turned my all-time love for travel into a platform where I documented my journey. During the year of my pregnancy, I invested my spare time in financial education, as I knew by then being financially free was the foundation for achieving the dream life I wanted to provide for my daughter.

Now looking back, I wish I started educating myself a lot earlier. Nevertheless, things turned out a lot better than I could ask for, and I hope to share everything I’ve learned with our readers, post by post, extending a helping hand to all of you who may have similar goals and dreams.

If you would not be forgotten As soon as you are dead and rotten, Either write things worth reading, Or do things worth the writing.

Benjamin Franklin

Pre-Covid Achievements: 4 continents, 37 countries.

Travel Family of 4 profile daughter
Kyra Boo

Kyra is an inquisitive 4-year-old who’s a bundle of energy day and night. She could sing, dance, draw, play, chat, and explore all day long without naps. Did we mention it? She talks non-stop! The only times that our ears can get some rest is when she’s either picking her nose, watching cartoons or sleeping.

Miss Kyra has been up to the mountains of Yosemite National Park, down to the ocean trench of Samoa, she’s survived 45°C heat of Palm Springs CA, and sub-zero temperatures of Tongariro in New Zealand. She’s tasted exotic food like durian ice cream, frog legs, and goats from Vietnam, and loves making inedible dumplings from China.

Pre-Covid Achievements: 4 continents, 8 countries.

Travel Family of 4 profile dad
Daddy Pau

We can probably summarise Daddy Pau in one sentence:

He loves his gym, he wakes up thinking about it, goes to bed dreaming about it and calls the gym his baby.

Daddy is loved by our kids, he’s silly, fun and he’s a softie. An easy-going city boy who loves travelling with us, without any travel-related work commitments that is. An excellent travel tag-along in my opinion, sometimes a bit too clingy.

His motto is: “You love the water, I love looking after the bags on the beach. That’s why we attract.”

During the year of the pandemic, he’s catching on with the whole travel addiction pretty quick. Perfect timing I’d say.

Joah Boo

Born amid Covid-19, Joah is now a handsome wildman!

This little dude loves poking our belly buttons and is currently surviving terrible two. When you hear his signature laugh ‘ha ha ha’, you know he’s done something naughty.

Joah is the practical ‘man’ of the family. He gets business done and moves on quickly. He hardly ever cries and has given Mummy a big cheeky smile at week 2. He’s adorable to the core and waves at everyone and anyone while we’re out and about.

Amid-Covid Achievements: All of New Zealand and QLD Australia!

Please to meet you!

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