5 Reasons to go travel with your baby now

After only 2 weeks of travelling, Kyra – at 5 months, has crossed so many milestones in her life. She can now roll from stomach to back and sit without support. She enjoyed tasting new food, smiled at strangers everywhere, and has mastered the skill of squealing to get attention. She cooed and laughed until she gets hiccups. She was thriving.. until.

A month after coming back from the trip, the sound of her giggles had disappeared. Maybe it was the boring mundane routines, maybe she just needed a change of scenery, or maybe it was the house chores that were dividing my attention. Whatever the reason was, I noticed big changes in her. If you’re a mum too, you can probably relate. While trying to get over my own post-holiday blues, I was motivated to start planning the next trip. Yes, finance was making it hard, routines were making it hard, and the number of plannings required for travelling with a baby was also no fun. So I listed my pros and cons. If you also need some encouragement, here are my top 5 reasons to travel with your baby now!

5 Reasons To Travel With Baby

1. Spend Quality Times Together

No more house chores, mundane daily routines, all of your focus diverts to family. Your baby would thrive under your undivided attention. These quality times are so precious, they’ll magnify the bond between you and your baby, laying a solid foundation for your relationship.

2. Away From Postnatal Depression

Don’t drown your mind with breastfeeding, nappy change, house chores, loss of your own time, rinse and repeat while suffering from sleep deprivation. When you’re out travelling, there’s so much to see, so much to do, baby duties would seem like a fraction of your daily activities.

3. Exercise Without Exercising

Unless you’re lying on an island resort, there’s no short of walking when you’re travelling. Lose all those tummy fat, without even feeling the hard works of working out. Happy days! There’s also plenty of things to distract your baby from whining, and because you’re always on the go, that rocking motion puts them straight to sleep!

4. Expand Your World, and Your Baby’s

Travel does wonders to people, it broadens our knowledge, opens our heart, and repair our souls. Did you know, babies will never grow and learn as much as they will in their first year of life. Give them a head start in life!

5. Travel for Less, While You Can

If all the reasons above are not enough to motivate you to pack your bags…
Travel now before they turn 2, and still pay nothing, or close to nothing for fares and tickets! If you’re on maternity leave and parental pay, even better!

Don’t Be A Stranger!

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In the meantime…

What are your reasons for travelling with your baby? Or what’s holding you back?

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