Work smart. Travel far.

Hey, I’m Kida…

Co-founder of a free-spirited family.

We live among the chaotic world in simplicity, chasing after sunshine and beaches around the globe with our kids.

This blog is a platform where we share our stories with a focus on family travel.

We dive deep into more than just travel planning and guides. Because epic trips are built on the foundations of finance, parenting, relationship and personal growth.

We hope you’ll find something useful here. Stick around and say hi!

Our Mission

We’re ever so grateful for the life we have. The last bucket left to fill in our hearts is to help kids around the world grow up with the resources they deserve. How? We’re still figuring that part out. The pandemic has delayed our plans to visit schools and orphanages. So, in the meantime…

We’re working on a transformational mini-course series to help you achieve freedom as young parents. We leverage the power of incremental changes to simplify your family life, so you can regain the energy to build wealth passively and travel with family.

Not only this, but we will also incorporate the entire process into your busy lifestyle as millennial parents. We’ll give you simple bullet points and daily tasks. This is a life-changing journey where you will grow into a better you, with less on your shoulders and more in your heart.

Our approach: minimalism + compounding effect

  • Train your mindset to live a richer life with less.
  • Build a solid foundation to support your journey to financial freedom.
  • Regain your time as parents so you can grow.
  • Easy parenting through simple yet powerful techniques.
  • Turn your strengths into profits with a simple and scalable business model.
  • Invest wisely in the technology that will change the world.

Head on over to our blog and see if anything interests you!

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